Building Modern Office Infrastructure


Started as CCTV and IP PBX installers in 2008, we have come a long way to be a full blown Mechanical, Electrical and IT Infrastructure contractor now.

It is our aim to deliver innovative engineering solutions with quality products. Please feel free to contact us for consultation and quotation.

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Our milestones :

2010 - Corporate cata center with raised floor, handheld inventory scanner, shipping label printers and electrical works.

2013 - VoIP termination for Call Center

2014 -Electrical Works, Network, CCTV, IP PBX for a restaurant

2015 - Virtual Fence on 400m long parameter around a factory

2016 - Electrical works, VRF-AC, Network Infrastructure, Access Control, and IP PBX installation for a 4 storey office building with total office area of 2400m2.

2017 - Electrical and Network Infrastructure for 300 Bitcoin server-miners facility

2018 - Interior Design and Build, Electrical Works, VRF Aircon (cassettes and ducting) Network Infrastructure, Data Center with Servers, Centralised UPS, Multi-door Access Control for 150 seat Call Center

2019 - Network infrastructure, IP based Access Control, IP CCTV, Electical works for a Fortune 500 company 



Customised engineering solutions that meet your ultimate objectives and requirements.



A team of experts with more than 10 years of experience and diverse expertise.



Trusted by hundreds of clients, we take pride in every project delivered