Electricity Panel

SDP Panel

Main power supply of 197KVA is backed up with 250 KVAgen-set in a standalone structure that houses transformer, capacitor banks,MDP, and fire hydrant motors.

MDPsupplies power through 1.5 m below the ground cabling (NYY4 x 240mm ) to SDP located in the office buidling. SDP in turns distributespower through panels like the picture above in every floor.

Main panel bitcoin

This is 660 KVA electrical panel that powers300mining servers. The panel allowsthe integration of 7 unitsof UPSwith capacity of 80 KVAeach.

As each server requires 1500W when running at full capacity, 32A MCB caters for every 4 power points. Powerful fansare installed on the panel asit getshot really quickly even in the air conditioned room.

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