VRF Installation

Solution for Long Piping Requirement.

This call center occupies an old office building whose air-conditioning is not even cold. Additional air conditioning unit is required as existing units cannot be upgraded. Outdoor unit has to be installed on the roof (above the 8th floor), where as the call center is on the 5th floor. As a result, piping distance from outdoor unit to indoor unit is more than 50 m. This exceeds the 20 m maximum piping distance for split air-con unit.

Samsung Eco-DMV is a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) AC system that has maximum 200 m piping distance. This VRF Outdoor unit is installed on the roof top of the office building with more than 60m piping going through the shaft and ceiling to the 360 cassette unit in the picture. Samsung Eco-DMV has inverter that saves energy by reducing the amount of energy used when the target temperature

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