XSolar Inverter chargesbattery with main power supply (PLN) and supplies power automatically from the battery when PLN supply is cut off. It functionsas large capacity UPS for many household items such as refrigerator, air conditioner, computers, lighting,etc.

To increase the backup duration, one simply adds more batteries in series connection.
XSOLAR Inverter conveniently replaces gen-set that produces toxic fumesand needed to be started up weekly.
XSOLARinverter can be connected with Solar Panel to charge the battery instead using PLN.


This restaurant needs to ensure uninterrupted power supply for sensitive meat refrigerator and to replace genset that cannot be stored properly. Installation of 3 -phase 5 KVA XSOLAR inverters comprised of 3 inverters,one inverter for each phase.
The battery bank can support up to 90 minute back up time on full load.

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